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Before you begin, you'll need

  1. Your Account number. Typically located on billing statements, other correspondence or online account access.
  2. To know if you borrowed from the FFEL or Direct Loan Program. Look it up here.
  3. Your lender or servicer name, address, and phone for every loan. A servicer look-up is available in the next step.

Federal Loan Consolidation Forms

Thanks for visiting the Application Portal. Before we start, there are a few things to consider:

  • There are several steps required to make a change in your repayment structure and it may take time and patience. When in doubt, always check with the loan servicer on your billing statement for any particular loan.
  • Don’t assume that a change has been made. Always check back with a servicer to inquire about the current status of any particular loan, loan change, or consolidation. The table to the right should be helpful in connecting you to most of the major servicers. If you do not see your servicer, check on your statement or do an internet search to locate them.
  • Repayment option eligibility varies by loan type so it’s possible that you may not be able to make the change you desired or combine all the loans you have into a particular change. See the table below for eligibility.
  • Private loans and institutional loans cannot be combined into Federal Consolidation and must be managed separately. If you want to consolidate private loans, check out
  • Federal loans can come in two forms: FFEL loans which were Federal loans issued by banks before July 2010 and Direct loans, which were issued directly by the government at some schools prior to 2010 and all schools thereafter. If you have FFEL loans---each servicer must be contacted to make a change.
Step (1) Use the table below to see which of your loan types are eligible for this type of repayment change.
Step (2) Contact your servicer using the table to the right and have your data handy then follow the instructions.
Step (3) After confirming with the servicer on the change, print the appropriate application forms and use the contact information provided.
Step (4) Always follow-up with the servicer and confirm the change went through. Until it is confirmed, continue to make payments on your old loan.
Loan Type Eligible Additional Information
Stafford Subsidized Loan Yes
Stafford Unsubsidized Loan Yes
Grad PLUS Loan Yes
Perkins Loan Yes
Federal Consolidation Loan Yes You can re-consolidate a Federal Consolidation Loan if you have a qualifying loan type that was not previously included when you consolidated
Private Student Loan No May be eligible for Private Loan Consolidation. To learn more, visit SimpleTuition's Private Loan Refinance Center.
Institutional Loan No May be eligible for Private Loan Consolidation. To learn more, visit SimpleTuition's Private Loan Refinance Center.
Other Loan Maybe There are several other federal loan programs that may be included such as Nursing Student Loans (NSL) and Health Professions Student Loans (HPSL). Check out our Resource Center for a complete listing.


Send the form to the U.S. Department of Education’s Consolidation Department. Typically it takes the U.S. Department of Education 45-60 days to process consolidation applications. Make certain to continue to make on-time payments to each loan during the processing period. To check on your consolidation status, either call 800-557-7392 or check online.

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Direct Loan Federal Consolidation Application

Direct Loan Federal Consolidation Instructions
If your loan type is eligible above, then use this form. If not, contact your lender. Remember that this form must be submitted to the U.S. Department of Education’s Consolidation Department:

U.S. Department of Education's Consolidation Department
P.O. Box 242800
Louisville, KY 40224
Online Contact Form

To complete the form, you’ll need:
  • 2 references for people at separate addresses
  • Lender or servicer name, address, and phone number for every loan
  • Information for every loan you have
    • loan type
    • loan account number
    • estimated current balance.