Our mission: PayBackSmarter

PayBackSmarter is the smarter, easier way to learn about all your student loan repayment options in one place. It’s easy to navigate, completely secure, and helps you find the loan repayment plan that works for your unique financial situation. How we do it: by giving you simple, visual ways to understand your debt. The best part? We crunch the numbers for you.

It's free to:

  • See how different repayment plans affect the total cost of your debt
  • Learn how to lower your monthly payment
  • Calculate the power of extra loan payments
  • Discover how consolidating loans will affect payments and your total cost
  • Answer common student loan questions in plain language

Why we do it

This interactive tool is brought to you by the team behind SimpleTuition and SmarterBucks®, and we have a long history of helping students, graduates, and parents better afford college and better handle their debt. PayBackSmarter is part of that mission and was designed to help borrowers manage and pay back their student loans.

Who we are

The team behind PayBackSmarter has been helping student and their families better afford a higher education. Since 2006, we've helped more than 10 million people. We offer tips, advice, interactive tools, and deals to ensure students plan better for the cost of college, pay less for college-related expenses, and are smarter about how they manage and pay back their student loans.